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We are so thrilled to have such an incredible lineup performing at this year's A Song for Viki fundraising event. A big shout-out to our LIU Post students and alumni for sharing their talents with us!  


Under the musical direction of Professor Rich Iacona

Bekah Blackburn - Student 

William Nelson - Student 

Valerie Pezzulo - Alumni

Caitlyn Francis - Alumni

Nick D'Auria - Student

Zavie Ward - Student

Elaine Patrikis - Alumni

Kristina Erwin - Student 

Michael Alvarez - Alumni

Laura Bogen - Alumni


Michael Alvarez.jpeg
Valerie Pezzulo.jpg
Elaine Patrikis.jpg
Caitlyn Francis.jpg
Willy Nelson_edited.jpg
Zavie Ward.jpg
Rebekah Blackburn.jpg
Laura Bogen.jpg
Nick D'Auria.jpg
VSF-A Song for Viki Flyer.jpg
Kristina Erwin.JPG
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